Full moon in Geneva and junction area

Geneva Switzerland full moon night river Rhone

View images from Geneva during the full moon of October 2012 (Monday 29th). Most of the images are taken from the train and pedestrian bridge that offers a nice view to the junction of the two main rivers that pass through the city of Geneva (pointe de la Jonction in French: link to the Geneva city official website ), Rhone and Arve.

Rhone river exits from lake Leman or Geneva lake (Lac Léman) and its waters are warmer compared to river Arve that receives its waters from the glaciers of the Chamonix valley in France. In addition, Rhone’s waters are much more transparent while Arve’s look much more “muddy”.

This difference creates a very nice effect at the exact point of the two river junction right under the bridge from where i have taken most of my photos.

Of course, in order to view this effect you have to visit the area during daylight. Nevertheless, my point of interest was not the colliding river waters but the silver moon light that showered Geneva city during the October full moon night.

Geneva full moon night photos-switzerland

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