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Glacier 3000 restaurant Swiss Alps Vaud Valaisane ski station


Glacier3000 ski station is considered small in terms of total kilometres of ski slopes. Nevertheless, it belongs to an elite group of ski domains offering skiing and snowboarding over a glacier at 3,000 meters with stunning views and ski quality that is hard to compete.

In addition, due to high altitude it is one of the most snow sure ski stations and it attracts all level of skiers and snowboarders to to its variety of ski slopes. Glacier3000 is since 2022-2023 ski season a regular part of the MagicPass ski pass (available to Switzerland residents).

Glacier3000 at the Swiss Alps, canton VAUD
Glacier3000 at the Swiss Alps, canton VAUD

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We have visited Glacier 3000 five times all of which where in the springtime under bright sun and good weather conditions. Having a clear sky at such a high altitude is a unique experience as the panoramic view is simply breathtaking.

You should not miss it from the Botta 3000 restaurant (in winter 2023 it was closed as extensive repair work is under way after the fire that destroyed the restaurant on September 2022), we prefer it when we can have lunch or a coffee just on the terrace outside, and of course the legendary Peak Walk which is a walk on a unique suspension bridge that connects 2 mountain peaks.

Glacier 3000 Swiss Alps Vaud Valaisane ski station red run and Peak walk
Glacier 3000-Swiss Alps. Vaud ski station. Red run and Peak walk

Access tips and map

In order to climb up to Glacier 3000 you need to take the cable car from either Reusch or Col du Pillon parking stations (all the times i visited this station i parked at Col du Pillon). The easiest and fastest is Col du Pillon since you only use two cable cars to reach the summit, called Scex Rouge at 2971 meters. This parking station is very close to Les Diablerets ski station main gondola and in around 20 km from Gstaad village and ski domain.

Driving distance/time to glacier 3000 ski station

Glacier 3000KMTime

View the exact location of the cable car at Col du Pillon route that will take you up in Glacier 3000 (first to Cabane location and then you take another cable car to reach your destination at Scex Rouge, Peak Walk also found there).

Exact location to Glacier 3000, Col du Pillon parking station and cable car.

46°21’13.2″N 7°12’20.4″E / 46.353668, 7.205656

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Glacier 3000, Ormont-Dessus, District d’Aigle, Vaud, Switzerland

Glacier du Scex Rouge, Ormont-Dessus, District d’Aigle, Vaud, Switzerland

Glacier du Scex Rouge, Ormont-Dessus, District d’Aigle, Vaud, Switzerland

Glacier 3000 ski station report

With 28 km of ski slopes Glacier 3000 is considered a small ski station in the Swiss Alps. Nevertheless, as we described above there are many additional reasons to take your skis or snowboard and reach this domain. For beginners or not so experienced skiers we would recommend the relatively flat part of the glacier itself where all the blue and easy slopes are found. We find this part of the domain a great place to warm up and get a first feeling of the tranquility and the beauty of this unique landscape.

The red run in Glacier 3000

As soon as you feel more confident or just look for something more challenging, you should head to the brand new ‘Red run’ (it opened on 2018-2019 season). It starts from Scex Rouge all the way down to Oldenegg lift with a vertical drop of slightly more than 1000 meters!

Glacier 3000 Red slope Swiss Alps Vaud Valaisane ski station
Glacier 3000-The Red slope
Swiss Alps/Vaud/ Alpes Vaudoise/ski station

This new ‘Red run’ is an amazing red difficulty slope that extended the existing run called Martisbberg, that started from the Cabane, and really changed the ski quality of the Glacier 3000 ski domain.

It offers great views and skiing variety of all kinds. In the beginning, its very easy but then there is a long challenging red part that will take down to the Cabane.

From there, its steepness is just as much as needed in order to try almost all kinds of skiing.

Glacier3000 Red run Swiss Alps cabane
Glacier3000, the Red run. Swiss Alps

The new Black Wall run, opened in 2022-2023 ski season

This is only for the brave, the new Black Wall is exactly that, a huge wall that will take you from the Red Run mentioned above all the way down to the parking area (Col du Pilon) at 1550 meters. In order to get to the Black Wall run, you need to enter a 265 meters tunnel that is found on the left side of the Red run, a few hundred meters after passing the small cabane on your left. If you miss it you will definitely see it on your way up with the ski chair lift. You may also check the nice video just below.

Black wall slope/run Glacier3000 Swiss Alps
The Black Wall run, Glacier Swiss Alps. View on my way down to Col du Pilon parking station

The one time i skied in 2023, i did not try to ski the new Black Run. I did not have the chance to see it on my way up, gondola was full of people and did not have access to window view, so i did not want to risk skiing a very hard black slope without having checked on its condition and steepness before. On my way down, i got window view seat and i was truly impressed by this slope and its steepness. And the facts confirm it, it is one of the steepest in the Alps, so you get what i mean.

Next time if conditions are good, i will definitely give it a try. But be careful, if you are not sure of your ski level or that of your friend or child, please do not enter the tunnel out of curiosity. There is no way back from that point on and i am not sure if it is even allowed to walk inside the 265m narrow tunnel in order to return to the safety of the Red Run. So, you better practice your ski level on black slopes such as the amazing run described below.

Back in black, Olden slope

And now we move on to the most, at least for me, impressive part of the Glacier 3000 ski domain. This the section with the epic black run called Olden. If you feel comfortable with black runs then you should not miss this one. With an altitude difference of 800 meters and 3,5-4 km of length, this run will really impress you.

With the impressive steep rocks of the Sanetschhorn peak (2924 meters), feel free to ski all of its variations as there are at least 4 different ways to go through Olden slope until the Oldenalp chairlift lift at 1850 meters.

Glacier 3000 blue run Swiss Alps Vaud Valaisane ski station
Skiing over the glacier. Glacier 3000 ski station-Swiss Alps.

Valley run

Unfortunately i have not skied the, now with the addition of the new Black Wall run, slopes that takes you back, pay attention here either to Reuch or Col du Pillon parking areas. Next season i want to cross at least one off my wish list for Glacier3000 ski station.

Glacier3000 Swiss Alps panoramic view
Amazing panoramic view from Glacier3000-Swiss Alps, canton Vaud

Accommodation in Glacier 3000

Although there are no hotels or rooms to let in the glacier (fortunately) you will have plenty of options either on the villages of Les Diablerets, the closest to Col du Pillon, Leysin or even Villars and of course on the more famous village of Gstaad found only 17 km from Glacier 3000 cable car.

Glacier 3000 ski station review


  • Breathtaking panoramic views on the glacier part and nice scenery on the red and black runs.
  • Red and black runs with very high vertical and natural snow.


  • Blue runs on the glacier part have only t-bar lifts which after a number of times get you tired
  • Small ski domain although with the addition of the Red run this is much improved.


Although a small ski domain, Glacier 3000 has many attractions that will probably make you, like me, a regular visitor.

additional Photos from Glacier 3000 ski domain

Drone video of the Peak Walk in Glacier 3000

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