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Arolla resort ski in Swiss Alps landscape Valais canton

Arolla is a small ski station located in Val d’Hérens in the mountainous canton of Valais (Wallis in swiss german). Although the ski installations are old with not a single chairlift, skiing in Arolla is surprisingly a real pleasure. The surrounding landscape and views are among the best you will find in an area already famous for some of the most beautiful and iconic spots in the Swiss Alps (Matterhorn being the most famous of course).

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Compared to other ski destinations in the canton of Valais, accessing Arolla ski station is not the easiest because of its distance from the central highway. Couple this with the old ski infrastructure and its small number of total slope km and you get an idea why Arolla is far behind in terms of popularity, compared to other ski resorts in Valais and the Swiss Alps.

Nevertheless, we look forward to visiting again this wonderful natural spot and enjoy the amazing views you get on your descends of almost 1k meters altitude difference! As a bonus and due to high altitude there is almost guaranteed good quality snow throughout the ski season.

Access tips and map of Arolla ski station

When you reach Sion

  • take the “Route d’Hérens” exit and then
  • follow the signs to Evolene village. Evolene is around 25 km after exiting the highway. The road is generally good with not many difficult hairpin turns.
  • After Evolene village, you reach the small village of Les Haudères and from there it gets a little trickier. Especially during winter with snow or ice on the streets you need to be extra careful.
  • From the Les Haudères it will take you around 20 minutes to reach Arolla ski parking station.

Check the map below for exact location.

Exact location to Arolla parking station

46°01’17.0″N 7°28’54.5″E || 46.021385, 7.481804
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Map to Arolla ski station

Arolla, Arolla – Cabane de la Tsa, Les Magines, Arolla, Evolène, Hérens, Wallis, 1983, Switzerland

Arolla, Arolla – Cabane de la Tsa, Les Magines, Arolla, Evolène, Hérens, Wallis, 1983, Switzerland

Dent Blanche, Evolène, Hérens, Wallis, 1983, Switzerland

Evolène, Hérens, Wallis, 1983, Switzerland

Les Haudères, Evolène, Hérens, Wallis, 1983, Switzerland

Arolla ski station is not a popular destination. One of the pros of this is that parking station is free with no payment requirement (season 2020-2021), something not so frequent in Swiss ski stations as in most large ski areas parking fee varies from 5 swiss francs (CHF 5,00) per day and more.

You just park your car, walk a 50-100 meters and you are on the base’s first t-bar lift.


As we said before, Arolla ski station offers an almost 1,000 meters of altitude difference which you may enjoy by taking either the blue or the black piste from the top of the station. In addition, there are also two smaller red runs, one being part of the big blue.

In general, Arolla ski run network is small so you will probably not need any map. You just use the t-bar lifts that take you to 2,980 meters and then you pick either the blue or the black (on the map we also see a large red that we did not have the chance to ski on). Especially the blue slope offers some really impressive views to the two highest mountain peaks of the area, the Pigne d’Arolla (3,790m) and the Mont Blanc de Cheillon at 3,869 meters.

Valley run to AROLLA base

From 2,980 to 2,000 meters you will go all the way down the blue run that offers amazing views to the Swiss Alps and the Val d’Herens landscape. There is no way to miss it so grab your skis and enjoy this almost 4km blue run.

Accommodation in Arolla ski station

If you want to be really close to the ski slopes, something we usually prefer, you can most likely book something that fits your needs, have a look here (opens new tab to If you prefer more flexibility, Evolène village is a perfect alternative. Evolène is one of the most traditional and beautiful villages in Switzerland so you will definitely enjoy your stay there.

Images from Arolla ski station

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