Videos from the Swiss alps while skiing

swiss alps ski videos tsouratzis

The natural beauty of the Swiss Alps is unparalleled. Pair this with the traditional villages scattered all over the Swiss mountains and you get the idea why skiing is a unique experience and an amazing way to discover both at the same time. What follows is a series of videos i recorded with my GoPro camera mounted most of the times on a gimbal, dedicated to action cameras, that was attached to the top of my ski helmet.

With this configuration, i managed to get perfect steady footage without on the one hand, compromizing security by having the camera held with my one hand, and on the other decreasing the overall experience of skiing and enjoying the breathtaking views of the white landscapes.

If you want to watch more than the videos listed below please visit my YouTube channel where all, to this moment, ski videos are available. For instance, you will discover footage from the French Alps but also many other ski stations not listed below such as St-Luc/Chandolin( video on youtube), Marécottes (video on youtube), Neuchâtel (not in the Swiss Alps but with unique winter landscapes) etc.

Swiss Alps ski – Crans-Montana ski resort

Skiing in the Swiss Alps and portes du soleil- Champéry ski station

Find out why Valais is the paradise for skiing in the Swiss Alps!

Grimentz ski resort in the Swiss Alps, Val d’Anniviers, Valais canton

view photos and useful info from Grimentz village and ski station in Val d’Anniviers, Valais, Swiss Alps

Zinal ski resort in the Swiss Alps, Valais ski resort

Video of skiing at NAX ski station in the Swiss Alps, Valais canton

Ski video from Arolla ski station in the Swiss Alps

Skiing in Villars sur Ollon in the Swiss Alps, Vaud

view photos and information from Villars ski resort and station.

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